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Several dogs play happily outside at Country Livin Kennels' dog daycare facility in Philomath, OregonRates:

  • $25/full day
  • $16/half day - 5 hours or less

Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 6:30 pm

Your dog's day will consist largely of free play with a small group of other compatible dogs. We have 4 separate fenced, grassy play yards that can open up to create even larger areas for the dogs to explore and play in. They are supervised whenever out in the yards and I frequently play with or just sit and socialize with the dogs, whatever the group is needing at the time. I use toys to get them moving and playing as long as no dog is toy aggressive. I also take small groups of water-loving dogs to the pond every day the weather allows. However, your dog must be safe around water in order to be taken to the pond. All dogs will be put in one of our spacious kennels for a few hours in the afternoon to relax and have some alone time. This is especially important for puppies and older dogs. Our 4 different play yards differ in size as well as height of fencing and mesh size of fencing so I can securely care for all sizes of dog. This is how I am able to accommodate puppies as well as the elderly, Chihuahuas as well as Great Danes.

Dogs are separated into different play yards depending on their size, age and temperament. No intimidation or bullying is allowed between dogs. I usually rotate the dogs around to the different yards several times a day so they have new areas to sniff and explore.


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