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A Malamute rests in one of Country Livin Kennels' spacious outdoor dog kennels in Philomath, OregonRates:

  • $30 / night for 1 dog
  • $50 / night for 2 dogs in same kennel
  • $70 / night for 3 dogs in the same kennel

For every 6 nights of boarding, the 7th night is free.

We are open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas day. I am here on those days to care for dogs, but not for pick-up and drop-off. I occasionally close the kennel for short periods of time to take my own trips. Hours of operation: Mon. - Fri. 8:15 am to 6:00 pm, Sat. and Sun. by appointment.

The kenneling rate includes your dog being in dog daycare for at least 6 hrs./day up to 8 hrs./day in the summer months. Daycare consists of being out in our large, grassy play areas with 2-5 other compatible dogs to run and play. Appropriate dogs are also taken to our pond to swim and splash around.

I will happily cater to your dogs special needs. If they are elderly and need medication and a quiet yard to relax in, I can provide that. If they are small and uncertain about a new place, I can provide a safe, secure area to play - away from larger dogs. All dogs are given a lot of loving attention, I treat them like my own.

All dogs have their own 5' x 23' indoor/outdoor kennel, unless your preference is for our 5' x 9' totally indoor kennel. The indoor/outdoor kennels have two parts, one is the nightroom which has a concrete floor and is where your dog will spend the night. During the day, a dog door opens up so they can come and go into their gravel outdoor run. They are only in their kennels in the evening/night and then for a 3-4 hour rest period midday. The nightrooms and the indoor kennels are heated when the weather turns chilly in early fall through spring, or as needed by individual dogs.

Feel free to bring your dogs own bed (if you don't mind it getting dirty) and their own toys/bones, etc. that they can keep in their own kennel.

I feed the dogs twice a day, unless the owner wants a different routine. I can feed your dog our food, which is Diamond Brand Lamb and Rice, or you can bring your own.

I can give medications as needed at no additional charge.

The owner must bring proof of current vaccinations, including rabies, DHLPP and bordetella.


We are a small kennel consisting of 8 indoor/outdoor and 2 indoor kennels. Therefore, I have the ability to spend quality time with your dog and individualize their care. If you have special requests, please share them with me. My goal is to make every dog feel comfortable here and have so much fun they'll look forward to coming back. My first priority is to make your dog, and therefore you, happy.


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