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Q: Who takes care of and supervises the dogs?

A: I, Peggy, am the one who provides almost all of the dog care. We occasionally hire several dog-loving people on a part-time basis during the very busy holiday and summer periods and they are always supervised by me. I have always had a great love for dogs and have been a dog owner for the past 23 years. I had been a Registered Nurse for 12 years until the summer of 2003, which is when we decided to start this kennel / daycare. I soon realized how much fun it is to care for other people's dogs.

Q: Is there always someone there at the facility?

A: This is also our residence, so there is usually someone here. If not, the dogs are put in their secure, individual kennels.

Q: What are the kennels like?

A: They are 5' X 23' and composed of two parts connected by a dog door through which the dogs can come and go as they please. The first part is the 5' X 6' or 5' X 9' heated night room which has a concrete floor. The dogs are closed into this at night to keep them warm and secure. The second part of the kennel is the 5' X 17' outdoor run area which has a gravel floor.

Q: How do you introduce the dogs to a new, incoming dog?

A: We have a small greeting area that's totally fenced for the new dog to sniff all of the other dogs for a few minutes. Then we will usually put all the others in kennels and let the new dog into the yard and introduce the others one at a time.

Q: Do small dogs have daycare and kennel areas separate from large dogs?

A: Yes, we have 4 separate fenced areas so that large and small dogs can be kept separate while playing. Some of our kennels are set aside for smaller dogs also. These kennels have a fenced off area surrounding them, so large dogs cannot approach and upset the smaller dogs.

Q: Is the playground and pond area totally secure?

A: Yes, we have a 4 ft. field fence plus an electric fence above that which is not electrified, it's simply used as a sight deterrent. I have also recently installed a 6' chain link fence in one of the yards so I can now take dogs that previously I wouldn't have been able to.


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